2020 Top Tips for Shopping in an Online Department Store

2020 Top Tips for Shopping in an Online Department Store


How do you know you’re getting the best deals online? The current global lockdowns have affected not just the way we shop but also how stores operate. Experts believe that shopping centers in Australia will never be the same again even after lockdown restrictions have eased.

A traditional brick and mortar may shift to an online department store or at least see the need to increase their online presence. In shopping online, here are our top tips for 2020.

Tip #1–Create an Online Shopping List

If an online department store allows you to create shopping lists then take advantage of that tool. It will be quite helpful when you’re shopping for groceries and other household staples. That way you don’t have to go over a lot of product pages just to post your orders.

You will usually order the same items in your shopping list from month to month, so it makes sense to have them in a list. It will make everything easier.

Tip #2–Use Wish Lists to the Fullest

Every online department store you visit will allow you to wishlist different items. Sometimes you may find items that you would like to buy a week or a month later, so it makes sense to just put them in your wishlist and come back to them later.

Your wishlists also come in handy while waiting for the next big online discount sale. You may also want to wishlist the same item in a different digital store. If one store offers that item at a discounted price, you can take advantage of that offer and save money on your purchase.

Tip #3–Use the Search Function

Sure, you may have lots of time on your hands during lockdowns, but spending several hours finding specific items in an online department store may not be a productive way to spend your time. If you find it difficult locating a particular product you like (and maybe you forgot to include it in your shopping list or wish list) then call the search function your best friend; each digital portal or app has one.

Be very specific for every search you make if you’re hunting for one particular model or specific product. For example, instead of just typing “bamboo mattress topper” you can use “Giselle Bedding Double Size Bamboo Mattress Topper”. That should help to narrow down the search results.

Tip #4–Sign Up

You will likely return to an online department store if you like the products and the deals they offer. Best practice dictates that you should sign up. You may even have the chance to get exclusive offers and you can easily track your shopping activity with an account.

Tip #5–In Stock Isn’t Always In Stock

Global lockdowns have greatly affected supply chains and online store owners can’t always make stock updates too. So don’t be surprised that even if an item is marked as “in stock,” it might get out of stock the following day. Expect delays in your delivery and possible order cancellations because of stock problems.

Tip #6–Shopping Email

If you practice digital minimalism or maybe you just don’t want to get 10 special offers each day, then use a different email for shopping. That email will be for signing up for accounts or special deals.

Tip #7–Use Price Comparison Apps

Price comparison apps allow you to find the best deals for the same product across different online shopping stores. Who knows, maybe a small less popular store carries the same product at a lower price with a bunch of freebies.


These are our top tips for online shopping in 2020. Make the most of your digital shopping experience by using the tidbits mentioned here.

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