7 Things Every Woman Should Own

7 Things Every Woman Should Own

Taking up just about half the population, without women most things in the world would not even exist – including new life! Women are strong, smart, beautiful, and powerful beings who are capable of anything they put their minds to, and they should be celebrated. Of course, not all women are created equal, but there are a few items that every woman should own at least one of. Some are useful and will help improve the quality of life while others are simply luxuries that women should treat themselves to.

Here are 7 things every woman should own.

A Handgun

Having a handgun around is not something everyone is used to, but it should be! Every woman should learn how to shoot safely and properly, and then buy a handgun. It’s a great investment for the peace of mind and self protection alone, but owning a handgun can also be great for your mental health! Shooting is fun and challenging, and even meditative. Just remember to always lock your handgun up when not in use.

A Well-fitting Bra

No matter what size or shape her breasts are, every woman should own a nice bra that is comfortable and fits perfectly. Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable to go braless whenever you want to, but for those times when you feel like having a little extra support, it makes all the difference in the world to have a bra that actually fits! Try getting fitted at a lingerie store if you aren’t sure of your size, and try on before you buy!


Whether you prefer to read out of an old worn-out paperback or on a tablet, or listen to audiobooks on your morning commute, every woman should own at least a couple of favorite books. Reading pairs well with quiet mornings and hot cups of coffee, or long waits at the bus stop, DMV, or doctor’s office. Reading will help enhance your mind and make you think differently about things, and it can boost your mood and help with depression too. If you don’t have any books and aren’t sure where to start, try asking friends for recommendations.


Every woman should own a nice, sturdy set of luggage or at least one good bag for which to travel with. This way if a spur of the moment travel opportunity comes up, you can say yes without any hesitation! Good luggage will last you for many years, possibly a lifetime, if you take good care of it, and the memories you will have on all of the trips you take will be priceless.

Skincare Products

Taking care of your skin will not only make you look better and help you to age well, it will make you feel good too! Using good skincare products will help prevent wrinkles, keep your skin soft and smooth, and also get rid of pesky acne, dry spots, and other skin irritations and concerns. The best news is that you don’t even have to spend a ton of money on skincare – there are lots of beauty products available for every budget. Try a few different moisturizers and serums and see which ones work best for you and soon you’ll notice your reflection glowing.

House Plants

House plants are not only great because they help to purify the air in your home, they also are really good for your mental health. They’re beautiful to look at and it can be very satisfying to watch them grow. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to have something to take care of and nurture. For women who don’t want children or aren’t ready to have them or those who are too busy to own pets, plants are a great substitute.

Research what types of plants do well in the type of lighting your home can provide, and don’t forget to find out how often they’ll need to be watered. People who work at nurseries or garden centers will be very helpful with any questions you may have.

A Robe

If you don’t own a robe already, you may not think it’s something you need, but once you have one you won’t be able to live without it! Robes are so comfortable and easy to throw on, plus they cover you up totally so they are acceptable to wear outside (like when taking out the garbage, grabbing the mail, or walking your dog).

There are many different types of robes for every style and budget. Some are super cozy and warm, great for throwing on after a bath in the middle of winter, while others are lightweight and silky – perfect for wearing around the house in the summer. Find the perfect robe for you and soon enough you’ll be living in it!

Being a woman can be difficult at times, but it can also be quite exhilarating. Owning some or all of the above items will only help enhance your experience! Try it yourself and see!

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