Why Don’t Cannabis Sublingual Tinctures Work for Some?

Why Don't Cannabis Sublingual Tinctures Work for Some?

If you asked anyone even slightly in the know about the world of CBD oil and cannabis consumption what the most popular method of imbibing is, they would likely answer sublingual tinctures. While smoking marijuana is also common and well-known, it is a more annoying and less convenient method than taking a CBD tincture. However, some people find that, after taking a sublingual tincture, it just doesn’t seem to work on them.

Why is it that cannabis sublingual tinctures don’t seem to work on some people?

What Are Cannabis Sublingual Tinctures?

When you read ‘cannabis sublingual tincture,’ your mind likely conjures up all kinds of sophisticated and complicated medical jargon. Surely, something with such a strange name will only be made from the most unusual things?

In actual fact, cannabis sublingual tinctures are nothing more than regular CBD oil. The primary quality they possess over different forms of cannabis tinctures is that they are designed to go under your tongue.

The word ‘tincture’ itself comes from an age-old method of extraction used with herbs and medical plants, typically using alcohol to extract the useful compounds. These days, however, we have evolved beyond using alcohol and instead use either vegetable glycerin or just plant oils to remove valuable compounds.

This tincture is then placed under your tongue, which allows your blood supply to take the extracted compounds, in this case, cannabinoids, and then transport them to the rest of your body.

Under the tongue is chosen because it contains veins and arteries very close to the surface of your inner mouth, allowing the tincture direct access to your blood flow.

Since it is such a simple process and seems to be pretty much foolproof, why is it that it sometimes just doesn’t work? Why does it just not work for some people?

Cannabinoid Sensitivity

Everyone assumes that when you imbibe cannabis, you are going to feel the effects of it almost immediately. After all, marijuana affects everyone equally, right?

This is not the case – there are some people that don’t get affected by cannabinoids at all. The reason for this is due to the fact that our bodies produce cannabinoids all on their own. Our bodies utilize natural cannabinoids every day.

The endocannabinoid system is affected by natural cannabinoids so as to facilitate all kinds of different bodily functions. From the inflammation response to our mood, natural cannabinoids exist in abundance in the human body.

Studies, like this one by Shenglong Zou and Ujenda Kumar, found that cannabinoids act as potent receptors within the endocannabinoid system and the central nervous system. However, certain people’s receptors are more receptive than others. This means that, for some people, they aren’t very receptive to cannabis or cannabinoids at all.

Blood Pressure & Body Absorption Rate

Another often ignored factor is the body’s ability to absorb the cannabis tincture at all. As the sublingual tincture is placed underneath the tongue, your blood pressure has a role to play in trying to get the cannabinoids into your body.

If you suffer from low blood pressure, then you might find your ability to absorb cannabinoids is significantly reduced. This also ties into the body’s base ability to consume drugs. Some people metabolize substances like cannabinoids at different rates, meaning that, if you combine these two problems, you might struggle to get any effect from cannabinoids at all.

You might need to up your dose to be able to properly feel the effects of your cannabis tinctures if you struggle with getting it actually into your body.

Final Thoughts on Why Cannabis Sublingual Tinctures Work Only for Some

There is one other big, somewhat apparent reason why it might not be working for you – it is possible that you are not giving it enough time.

As you place the cannabis sublingual tincture on your tongue, if you don’t hold it there for long enough, your naturally produced saliva could wash it away and not allow it to enter your body.

To best utilize your tincture, keep it held under your tongue for as long as you can, making sure not to swallow or wash it away whatsoever.

So long as you know what you are doing, and keep a few essential things in mind with regards to cannabis sensitivity, you can pick up your favorite cannabis tinctures wherever you like, like at PureKana.

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