What to Expect From Your Removalist Company

What to Expect From Your Removalist Company

Moving your house or office is not a straightforward, hassle-free task for most of the people. There are so many things to consider including packing, expenses, general route disruptions, vehicles, and scheduling.

It can be a stressful, physically and mentally exhausting experience, but a leading removalist company can perform this seemingly cumbersome task in a smooth & efficient manner.

Choosing the right removalist services is the most vital step to ensure your moving is executed as planned, without any hiccups or damage to your valuable possessions.

Professional movers can handle all the tasks related to relocating so you can sit back and relax while its competent staff does all the hard work. So, what can you expect from a trusted and vastly experienced packing & moving company in Adelaide?

Let’s read more about their repertoire of services to offer to residential and commercial property owners across Australia.

Procuring All Packing Material and Supplies

Whether it’s office or house moving in Adelaide, all small, medium, and large-sized items need to be moved in sturdy packing materials to ensure their safety as well as allowing easy handling. For a layman, it can get very tough to arrange boxes of all sizes and shapes. Not to forget tapes, bubble wrap, and papers.

However, a professional removalist company will supply everything that moving requires. It includes:

  • Boxes
  • Cushioning
  • Labelling materials
  • Furniture blankets
  • Tapes
  • Cargo straps
  • Furniture blankets
  • Stretch wrap
  • Tool kit

Packing Your Belongings

The most difficult and time-consuming part of a moving process is none other than packing the items properly, but with an expert moving company, it doesn’t have to be. A full-service moving company has the capacity and skills to relocate any type or size of furniture and other items.

Their well-trained team will provide professional assistance to pack your belongings with full care and consideration without consuming unreasonable time. They use appropriate packing materials to pack all your items, including fragile items to the massive, bulky equipment.

Furniture Disassembly

Local movers carefully disassemble and assemble your furniture, though your move may take longer and cost more. If you have heavy and large furniture that may not pass through your doorways or move down/up a narrow staircase, furniture shipping companies will disassemble to make it easy.

You can do it yourself to save money, but if you are willing to pay for it then you can ask your chosen mover to provide this specific service. Do remember to check additional rates charged for furniture disassembling/assembling.

Loading & Unloading

Leave the heavy lifting to pros who are skilled in loading & unloading furniture items and other belongings into vans, containers, and trucks. After all the items are packed safely, they are loaded on to a truck using state-of-the-art equipment like trolleys, strap-dollies, flatbed dollies, and gliders to ensure maximum safety during the loading and unloading process.

Besides using the appropriate packing material, a reputable moving company also equips its trucks and vans with advanced tools and techniques that assist in safe relocation to the destination.

When you arrive at your new home or office, the full-service removalists service will unload the truck and arrange all your items to get settled and started as soon as possible.

Interstate Moving

After all the packing and loading has been done, a local and trusted moving company will drive your belongings to the destination, whether across the street or across the country. All your stuff will arrive on time and safely.

Reputable moving companies have their own fleet of well-maintained, well-equipped trucks and vans for transporting belongings from one place to another.


A professional removalist company doesn’t leave until your new house or office is arranged neatly so that you can settle in as quickly as possible. Unpacking is an essential service of their moving program.

You can focus on other tasks related to settling in, and your movers will carefully unpack all your valuables and place them exactly where you want them to be.

Disposal and Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, for an efficient mover, it is not over till it’s over! They will dispose of all packing materials and supplies, which includes dozens of cardboard boxes, wraps, tapes, and paper. They will make sure everything is disposed of correctly, and no mess is left for you to clean up.


Your comfort and convenience is the top priority for a removalist company. However, you will have to choose a plan that includes this service to avail it. There are different packing & moving plans offered by the movers for people with varied requirements. More services you include, more convenient will be the entire moving experience.

CBD Movers is a top-rated local removalist company based in Australia with a vast experience of fifteen years in residential and commercial relocation. Our end-to-end removalist solutions include packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, de-installation and reinstallation services. Contact us for cost-efficient and reliable moving services within your state and beyond.

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