How to Change Spotify Username [ Proven Methods ]

How to Change Spotify Username


How to change your username on spotify. Spotify is an online stream App where you can explore and enjoy over 35 million+ songs. Not just it lets you chose your favourite song, but also the favourite artist, genre and album. Due to its free version, Spotify has successfully grabbed about 170 million users, including the paid users. Spotify is a device compatible App, and you do not require any extra hardware and software to use this App. Even if you are trying to pass some exams or writing an essay using scholarship essay writing service, this app is the best way to find out your best mood. In this article i will show you how to change spotify username. The methods listed here are proven methods.  best light weight android emulators 2019

Not only it is an online streaming App, but also a social media platform for all music lovers where people can share their playlists, view others’, search music by artist, album, and a lot many features are affiliated with Spotify. Since it is a social media platform, you are visible to all and vice versa, and to uniquely identify you, just like any other social App, this one also uses usernames to define you. But with a little bug or limit, and that is, once you create your username, you cannot change it.

However, here are few ways and methods you can try to change spotify username :

On linking your Facebook account to Spotify, your Spotify username changes automatically to your Facebook name. This way you can get rid of your old, unwanted username. Here’s how you can link it:

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How to Change Spotify Username On Desktop

Spotify is used in App form as well as on the website, and you can link your Facebook account to Spotify through both. Here is how you can do so from the Spotify site or desktop App.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Login to Spotify.

Screenshot (524)

  1. Enter your username or Email address which you used to create your Spotify account.

Screenshot (523)

  1. Enter your password
  2. Click on Login or hit enter.
  3. In the top-right corner, click the down arrow that will bring you to “Settings.”
  4. Go to the Social option.
  5. Then find the “Facebook” section under “Social”.
  6. Click on the “Connect to Facebook.”


  1. You will be asked for your Facebook login details.
  2. Your Facebook account and Spotify are now merged and now you’ll see your username has changed.


How to Change Spotify Username On Phone, tablets, etc

You can link your Facebook account from your Spotify App. Here are the steps to follow to link your Facebook account:

  1. Launch Spotify++
  2. Login. (If you have already logged into Spotify then leave it)
  3. In the top right corner, you will see a gear icon, tap on that.


  1. Click on Social. And Look for facebook
  2. You will be asked to put in your Facebook login details.
  3. Your Spotify username is changed to your facebook profile name.
  • Create a facebook account

It is yet another hack to change your username in Spotify username if you do not want your facebook name as your Spotify username. So you can make a new facebook account with your profile name the same what you wish to want as your Spotify username. The catch here is that if you want to change your Spotify username again, you can do it by changing your profile name on facebook.

  • Create a new Spotify Account

You might not like to link your Facebook account to the Spotify due to privacy issues. If you have a Spotify free account then it is not a big deal, you can simply a new Spotify account with your desired username. But if you have a premium account, still no worries. Because Spotify takes your money on a monthly basis and at the end of the month you can switch to a new account.

If you have already linked your facebook to Spotify, and opt to remove it, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Spotify app.
  2. In the right corner, you will find a settings App. Tap on that.
  3. Go to Social. Under Social, click disconnect from Facebook.

Now you can create your new account. If you have never made your account, you can learn it from here. Be sure that you choose the right username.

  1. Visit or install the App and Launch it.


  1. Enter your Email.
  2. Confirm your email.
  3. Choose a Password.
  4. Enter a name; this is your username, chose wisely.
  5. Complete the other details.
  6. Click on sign up.

Now you have a new Spotify account with your desired username. But your old account is still existing with that old username for everyone to see (probably the reason why you wanted to change your username). So you can delete your previous account by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to or launch the Spotify App.
  2. Click on Login and enter your credentials.
  3. You need to work through a series of on-screen questions.
  4. Click on Subscription.
  5. Choose I want to close my Spotify account permanently.
  6. Click on Close Account.
  7. Agree to the on-screen confirmation.

The only thing here to note is that you will lose all your previous data like playlists, followers, etc.

Features of Spotify

  1. Increase sound quality

You can do so by Settings –> Music Quality; then you can change or customise.

  1. Make playlist folders

You can create a folder by going to File –> New Playlist Folder. But this is available only in desktop App.

  1. Search songs as per playlist or artist

You can drag down and type in the search box, or press the burger menu on the right to access filters to search like this.

  1. Recover back your deleted playlist

To do this head over to Spotify’s Account section on their website –> Account Settings and select Recover Playlists. Voila! It’s back.

  1. Turn on the private listening mode

You can listen in private listening mode by going to File (Windows) / Spotify (Mac) –> Private Session

If you are strugling to chnage the username of spotify…follow the steps described in this video. Still if you face any issues comment your issue below. I will assist you perssonally.


Remember that there is no way to change your Spotify password. A username once created, can never be used. Also, you cannot use back the username of your deleted Spotify account. Although Spotify is an online streaming platform, it more likely used as a social media, and most of us are conscious of our profile. But still, there is no upgrade made in Spotify to resolve this issue. Since Spotify provides a lot of features and tools, one cannot switch another online streaming site just because of this little issue. If you guys still face any issues, comment here we will assit you Thank you… Hope you all enjoyed the article…if you like the article please share, it might be helpful for your friends and family members as well. Thank you 

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