Personal Development And Personal Growth In Watching Movies

Personal Development And Personal Growth In Watching Movies
I have found films that have been essential for my personal development and personal development for many years. Initially, I was unconscious and involuntary, what happens in a particular movie that has a strong emotional cathartic effect and left a lasting impression that motivated me to grow. Then I had a therapist who gave me therapy sessions to watch movies that we explored and discussed extensively during our therapy session. We discuss emotional responses and learn ideas by analyzing the parts of the film that produce strong emotional responses. When I was in high school, watching movies was part of my teaching. We analyze the behavior of the characters and the symbolic meanings of the FMovies. When I worked as a consultant for the first time, I had to stimulate the group of cinotherapy I had and understand the therapeutic value of the films.

In a short time, a movie can stimulate and awaken many emotions. When we pay attention to our emotions, we can better understand our own character and our emotional health. If we dare to ask ourselves important questions, what does my emotional reaction to this film or character say about me? Be careful be attentive. Be in touch with our inner being.

If we take the time to listen to our feelings, we can get to know each other while watching movies. When a character makes me angry, what he says about me, makes me angry. Or what does it say about me that I was sad? Movies can promote healing, growth, and inspiration. If we dare to ask important questions about the emotional responses to the characters and events, we can open ourselves to understand our hidden nature. I discovered that it helped me better understand my state of being by paying attention to the emotions and feelings generated by the characters and events in the movies.

Watching a movie in the mid-twenties, I realized that a particular aspect of the film had a sustainable emotional awareness. The movie was expressions of tenderness. This movie helped me understand that I felt resentment and anger towards my parents. When I came into contact with my feelings and realized my negative beliefs about myself and my family, I was able to make changes that would improve my relationship with my parents.

Take the time to pause and reproduce scenes that produce emotional responses while watching a movie to develop it personally and get information. Take notes When you watch the movie with a partner or friend, discuss and compare the comments about how each of you felt through a character or scene. Write down the questions you are thinking about and that you want to explore.

When you watch movies to grow personally, it’s equally important to look for the characters you do not like as much as the ones you love. It is also important that you ask what you dislike about this character. Also, the character was a bad person. When we reach a point of personal growth to answer difficult questions, we can learn to accept not only the humanity of others but also our own humanity.

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