Say Yes To A Better Gynecological Health

Say Yes To A Better Gynecological Health

Are you one of those women who are uncomfortable exchanging views about what’s happening “down there” between your legs? Or are you one of those who is sexually comfortable and confident discussing sex and identifying potential health issues that might ruin your sex life? Then you are in for a good read about empowering yourselves to make your gynecological health a priority.

When you do not openly share about your problems, primarily related to your reproductive, sexual, or gynecological health, then you are bound for a bleak future of gynecological disorders that might bury you six feet under the ground. Say yes to these pieces of advice so you can prevent gynecological disorders from transforming into more severe problems you wouldn’t want in your life.

Before Slipping Between Your Thighs, He Needs To Condomize

Sex will always be that one word, which can elicit many-splendored human emotions from love, passion, to burning desire, and many more, depending on how good or bad your sexual experience is. In any case, both you and your partner must practice safe sex so you can stay healthy, protect yourselves from sexually transmitted infections, and have satisfying sex lives.

In practicing safer sex, using a condom is considered one of the best ways to avoid skin-to-skin contact, which makes the transmission of sexually transmitted infections highly possible. Other sexual activities like kissing, touching your partner’s sex organs, and mutual masturbation are different safer ways to attain sexual stimulation, arousal, or orgasm. Always bear in mind that pleasure is important but so is protection.

Wipe, Front To Back, Front To Back. Always!

As a woman, you must know the rule of wiping from front to back after peeing or pooping as it is vital to your vaginal health. The thing is when you do the opposite way, the risk of transmitting bacteria from your anus (back) to your vagina (front) is high considering the closeness of the anus and the urethra.

Accordingly, women’s urethras are shorter than the urethras of men; hence, bacterias that hang around the anus can easily travel into women’s bladders. When that happens, you will likely develop urinary tract infections, which can become dangerous or even deadly. So, say goodbye to any burning sensation during urination by keeping in mind that golden vaginal rule.

Don’t Turn A Blind Eye To Vulvar Care

To sexually active men, women’s vulva brings forth more emotions than the “happiest place on earth” can give. That is why you need to take good care of your vulva to bask in a relationship that is happy and healthy. Vulvar care involves keeping the vulva dry and irritant-free, so it won’t swell up, get irritated, and say hello to various infections.

You must use warm water to wash your vulva and avoid using harsh soaps in order not to upset its normal pH balance because you can be protected from infections when the vaginal pH is healthy. You also need to wear breathable clothing, avoid using panty liners daily and try using soft tissues.

Let Your Doctor Take A Look

In promoting good gynecological health, you must submit yourself to a gynecologist and undergo examinations or screenings. In this way, your gynecologist can treat you if you are suffering from conditions relating to your fertility, pregnancy, or menopause. Gynecologists are essential in teaching women about the risk factors for infectious diseases and in recommending preventive measures to either slow down the course of present illnesses or merely steer clear of a condition.

Menopausal women, especially, are advised to go to a health professional as they will inevitably experience different physical and emotional symptoms of menopause. Women must start seeing a gynecologist when they become sexually active individuals to protect themselves from future health risks associated with their sexuality.


In living a healthy life that is fleeting, you must instill in your mind that knowing, accepting, and respecting your body is crucial. Early prevention of gynecological disorders must also be at the forefront so that you can flee from gynecological cancers like cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancers.

If you are in your menopausal stage, who do not want to get pregnant, or who would like to get treatment from a specific gynecological disorder, your gynecologist might advise that you take medications like norethindrone. Redeem this norethindrone coupon to give you real savings for a remedy that you desire. Lastly, follow the steps above, and you will get the best gynecological health that you so deserve.

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