Things That You Should Know About Top Best Bloggers Of India

Do you know who the top best bloggers of India are? Do you how much they are earning through blogging?

We are sure that your answer will be a big “NO”. So, if you want to know about the best bloggers of India, read this article carefully. By the end of this article, you will get to know about all the top tech blogs in India in our country. Have a look to know in detail.


Harsh Agarwal is one of the best tech bloggers in the blogging industry these days. The name of his blog is Shout Me Loud. Harsh Agarwal did engineering but is a blogger by profession. He launched his blog in 2009 and is earning thousands per month through his blogs. Therefore, the best thing is that he is having around 1 million subscribers and gets around 1.5 million views per month.

His blog Shout Me Loud contains all the necessary information related to tech. If you are also a technology lover, then you can get subscribed to his blog.


Anand Khanse is again one of the best tech bloggers having the best tech blogs in India. According to the surveys, blogging is usually done by young age people. But Anand Khanse is a blogger having more than 56 years of age. He is a person who is very much interested and keen on blogging and entered the industry of blogging in April 2009. Therefore, the name of his blog is The Windows Club.

There are so many reasons that make his blogs the best. He is the one who passes all the necessary information related to Windows and Androids through his blog. Anand Khanse provides information that helps the people to fix their Windows Operating system on their own. So, if you are a technology lover, then go and get subscribed to this channel.


Abhijit Mukherjee is a graduate of the University of Delhi. He started his personal technology blogs India named Guiding Tech in early 2008. Before starting blogging Abhijit Mukherjee worked as a Web Publisher for more than 9 years. But know he is earning around lakhs per year through his blogging.

In his blogs, he provides all the important aspects of tech, tech events, new launches in the market and many more. If you are a lover of tech events, then you can get subscribed to his blog. This will help you to never miss an update from his blog. Apart from blogging, he runs a YouTube channel also related to tech. You can get subscribed to this also if you want to get video explanations related to tech.

If you are finding a tech blog that provides all the different types of information related to tech. Then you can go with Future with Tech, this is the best blog that provides all the important information regarding tech. You can go and check for this blog through this link

Therefore, these are the top 3 bloggers having the best tech blogs in India. Go and get subscribed to your favorite one.

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