Tips on How to Apply Mascara Properly

Tips on How to Apply Mascara Properly

The application of makeup has been a routine for women ever since the dawn of time. The earliest recorded history of the use of makeup comes from 3100 BC during Egypt’s 1st Dynasty. Today, women apply makeup every day for different kinds of reasons.

Applying mascara to eyelashes has been a regular part of a woman’s makeup regime. Mascara makes short eyelashes appear longer and aesthetically more attractive. Longer and fuller eyelashes make people notice your eyes. This is the reason why a lot of women buy mascara online.

However, the application of mascara is not as simple as only applying on your lashes. There are still several women who do not know how to put on their mascara correctly. Here are some tips on the proper way of using mascara.

Know the right tools

There are a wide variety of brushes, pens, and other devices that women use when applying makeup. Knowing which tools to use for one makeup aspect is the first thing to do to put makeup on properly. When applying mascara on your eyelashes, you will need a “wand” and not a brush to use it. A wand looks like a wand but with soft bristles circling the main shaft of the wand. There are a lot of different types and sizes of wands to choose from, and their manufacturers claim that some are effective for different types and sizes of lashes. When you buy mascara online, you should also ask about the different types of wands that they have. It is best if you choose a wand that would fit your type of lashes.

Curl before you apply

If you want to have the appearance of long, curly lashes, prepare the curling of your lashes before applying anything to them. Clamp your lashes on a good quality curler for a minimum of ten seconds before you start to apply a primer or mascara to them.

 To prime or not to prime

When you buy mascara online, you may wonder why there are also primers that are recommended to be purchased along with mascara. Primers add volume to your eyelashes, and they are good stickers for your mascara. So the application of a primer would be entirely dependent on your target look. If you want natural-looking eyelashes, then a single coating of mascara without primer will be ok.

Know the right wand movement

When applying the mascara directly to your eyelashes, try to keep your wand movements consistent. If you are erratically moving your wand back and forth, you are also creating an erratic lash pattern. The best wand movement when applying mascara is to wiggle at the base of your lashes before pulling the wand straight up to the tips.

Reinforce your curls with your wand

If you notice that the curler did not do enough curl on your lashes, you can use your mascara wand to give your lashes a more curled look. To do this, you should simply roll the wand as you move it from the root of your lashes towards the tip. It is best if the direction of your rolling motion is complementing the initial curl of your lashes.

 Do not rush the coating process

A single coating of mascara will give your lashes a more natural look. However, if you want to have lashes that appear to have more volume, then you must apply two or more coatings of mascara. Do not rush the coating process. Leave enough time for the first mascara coat to do its job before deciding to apply a second coating. If you have a whole day affair, then you can check on the status of your mascara from time to time to make sure that your mascara remains fresh throughout the day. 

Knowing how to apply mascara properly will make a difference in your everyday makeup look. However, it would help if you buy mascara online from reputable stores so that you end up with high-quality mascara for your eyelashes.

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