Why is Flower Bouquet a Perfect Birthday Gift for your Loved One?

Why is Flower Bouquet a Perfect Birthday Gift for your Loved One?

Perhaps your loved one’s birthday is fast approaching, and you want to give something meaningful and sentimental. While your instincts may tell you to buy a piece of jewellery or any other expensive item, it is probably best to go down a different road and do something more traditional and romantic, like giving a bouquet of lovely blooms.

Giving flowers to someone you hold dear is a time-honoured act. Since ancient times, men wooed their mates with the finest flowers. Flowers were offered to gods and used to adorn princes and princesses. Wouldn’t you want your special someone to be honoured this way on his or her special day?

If you are still unsure, the discussion points below may convince you that a birthday flower bouquet is truly the ideal gift for your significant other.

Giving Flowers Makes You More Attractive

Flowers have been generally given to convey romantic feelings for centuries, but very few people know that they actually influence women’s perception of a man’s attractiveness. A 2011 study on the effects of flowers on human’s romantic behaviour revealed that women tend to perceive the opposite sex as more attractive and sexy when exposed to flowers while looking at those men. Researchers of the same experiment also found that exposure to flowers tends to make women more willing to go on a date or engage in romantic activities with a man.

Aren’t these findings exciting? Think about it. The moment you present a bouquet of lovely blooms, your significant other will be even more captivated by your charm and attractiveness. You will undoubtedly be the only Romeo in her eyes.

Flowers Will Make your Loved One Genuinely Happy

While you will surely make your special someone smile as soon as you hand her any gift, you could only assume the meaning behind it. Does the smile mean she is happy, or is it because she is grateful for your thoughtfulness? Naturally, you would rather that she is sincerely happy than merely appreciative of your effort.

Fortunately, you can skip the guessing game when you give her a bouquet of fresh flowers as one experiment revealed how people feel genuine happiness when they receive lovely blooms. The study involved observing people’s reactions when they are given flowers, and the results were overwhelming.

One hundred per cent of the subjects showed the Duchene smile, which is an expression of absolute enjoyment. Interestingly, the emotional impact of flowers is so powerful that subjects still feel ecstatic after three days. Imagine how thrilling it would be to see a heartfelt smile of true joy on your loved one’s face when you surprise her with a bouquet of her favourite flowers.

Humans are Naturally Drawn to Flowers

Giving a present other than flowers could be hit-or-miss. What if your girlfriend does not like the style or design of the jewellery you gave her? What if she would rather stay at home than watch a concert?

It is a good thing that you will not encounter the same issue when you decide to give her a bunch of beautiful flowers. Even if you do not fully appreciate it, people are naturally drawn to flowers. Multiple studies show that this special relationship is rooted in the multi-sensory experience that flowers offer.

As such, you have nothing to worry about. Your special someone will undoubtedly enjoy the colours, scent, and feel of your lovely gift. Science has proven so.

Given the remarkable impact of flower-giving as described above, it is clear that a seemingly simple birthday flower bouquet is, in reality, a powerful and ideal gift for someone dear to your heart. Find a flower shop that offers gorgeous blooms, and enjoy seeing the genuine smile and appreciation in your special someone’s eyes.

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